• Tung Ping Chau

  • 9:20am - 5pm

    Location: Sai Kung Bus Terminus #94 stop

    This event is in the past.

    IMPORTANT: If you sign up for this hike it is presumed you have committed to pay the 150 HKD per person required for the speed boat. Anybody who has not cancelled their RSVP as of 10 AM Thursday morning will be responsible for the boat payment.  The size of this group will be limited by the number of seats on the speedboat so please sign up early to avoid disappointment.  We plan on being back to Sai Kung by 6pm. RSVP is now closed but there are still a couple of spots left so please by phone, contact us if you wish to come.

    So next week’s Friday hike is a little different – A place where you can find some of HK’s best and cleanest beaches with crystal clear water where diverse things grow - Orchids, Morning Glories, mint, and cacti all flourish, Butterflies almost the size of bats, that is so remote that it rarely turns up on maps and there are fewer than a handful of permanent residents and spectacular geological formations dating back to the Paelogene period and finally, there’s a country park, Marine Park, and UNESCO HK National Geopark all in one

    -      Tung Ping Chau of course..

    With the help of Stanley, we will be visiting one of the least accessible islands and the most eastern part of the Hong Kong territory, Tung Ping Chau or Mirs Island. This is normally only accessible by ferry on weekends and public holidays, however, we have organized a way around it by chartering a boat(s) from Wong Shek pier. If we are lucky, we may have the whole island to ourselves.

    The route we will walk, will be along the coastline to explore a scenic view of the island. It will take around 3-4 hours to explore the island depending on our own pace. You can find a map of the island here.

    We are chartering a private boat and the cost is $150 (cash) return based on minimum 18 people. The boat holds 18 maximum so places will go fast. If there is high demand for an additional boat then we do have the capacity to arrange it but we would need a minimum 25 persons commited to have 2 boats. If spots are already taken then please put your name down on the waiting list in the comments section below this page. This rate is for boat trip only.

    Signing up is a commitment to pay. Please do not sign up if your plans are uncertain!

    Contact:  Steve K (9723 6778) Steve P (5599 1519)
    Meeting place: Sai Kung Bus Terminus at the stop for the #94 (email Steve if you're not sure how to get there)
    Meeting time: 09:20 PROMPT
    Trail : Bus #94 to Wong Shek Pier >Boat to Pier > A MA WAN > Tai Hau Temple > Kang Lau Shek > Hok Ngan Teng > Chau Pui > Che Keuk Ha > Nam Tong > Cham Keng Chau > Pak Lap Wan > Chau Mei Kok > Cheung Sha Wan > Tai Tong Wan > Pier > boat back to Wong Shek Pier > Bus #94 to Sai Kung

    This will be a largely exploratory hike and we do not know what condition the trails are in and how over grown they are so bring hiking poles if you want and something to protect your shins if you are going to wear shorts. I expect we should arrive back into Sai Kung by 5pm so Dont expect to get back to Central till earliest 6:30pm.

    Ratings (details)
    Speed: 2 (we're hiking, not strolling, but we'll take quite frequent breaks)
    Length: 1.4 (about 7km)
    Gradient (Ascent): 0.7 (about 150m of up and down)
    Surface:  2.5 (a mix of paved trails and dirt tracks, with some slightly rough stretches)

    Overall: 1.8 (adding for heat and unknown surface)


    This walk is suitable for all hikers who have a reasonable level of fitness and appropriate footwear and clothing. Note that jeans and other heavy cotton clothes are NOT appropriate for hiking in hot and sweaty conditions. There are NO early exits but you can opt to wait, swim or explore the village if you dont want to go along the rougher trails. The place is very small so you wont get lost.

    Bring plenty of water (2.5 litres at least, more if it is very hot). Bring a hat and sunblock for the parts of the route that are without shade you may also want to bring seasick pills, bathing suit, Food or Snacks, mosquito repellent, Carmera, but do not forget to bring ID or Passsport (because it is so close to Shenzhen, police may check your ID). Dont forget food as there will most likely be nothing open on the island.

    Disclaimer: Hong Kong Hikers organises hiking events on an amateur basis. By joining the hikes, all participants are deemed to have read and understood the hike description, to have determined that they are of a suitable fitness level to undertake the hike, and to have agreed to exonerate the hike leaders, the organizers and any other participants in the walks from any liabilities or claims, including but not limited to liabilities and claims as a result of any injuries or deaths or damages arising therefrom.

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