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  • I’d been to Hong Kong many times for quick business trips, but I’d never had the chance to explore much of the place beyond the main tourist spots in the centre of town. When I had a few free days there, I contacted Hong Kong Hikers to arrange a hike and see some of the outlying areas. They quickly returned my email and we agreed on a plan. In the event, the forecast weather for the day of the hike was quite poor, and Rob emailed me to suggest a change of plan. The route we ended up taking was a long and very enjoyable hike, and a route that gave us some shelter options when the weather turned bad. Rob was a knowledgeable and careful guide, and also a great companion for the day. I thorough enjoyed myself and got to see a part of Hong Kong that I don’t think I could have discovered on my own. I have no hesitation in recommending the organization wholeheartedly. The website and their emails to me when setting up the hike were full of useful information about the requirements for the trip, and I would encourage everyone to take the advice seriously. You’ll need to carry a lot of water for hiking in Hong Kong conditions. I did notice that nearly all of the hikers we ran into were wearing shorts and short sleeved shirts; I switched to long trousers and long sleeved shirts many years go, when I got tired of sunburn, bug repellent and thorny bushes on trails, but obviously this makes managing the heat a little more challenging. Happy hiking in Hong Kong!

    Michael A., Boston, Mass, USA.

  • Rob & Steve organised our 40-member hiking event in January 2016. The majority of the team (from Singapore) was hiking for the first time in Hong Kong and we depended on Rob's expertise on route trails for a group with a mixed bag of fitness level. Our Dragon's Back hike was well planned and well thought out from the time we were organising the hike right up to the end of the trail. The hiking team was attentive and encouraging throughout the 16km hike, especially during the most challenging part involving 900 steps! Our team ended the hike in high spirits, greatly motivated that they pushed themselves to their personal limits while enjoying the scenic view. I highly recommend Rob and his team!

    Declan O'Sullivan M.D Kerry Consulting Singapore

  • A great 6 hour walk with Steve and Rob along a couple of stages of the Maclehose (and a few detours which few people know I guess). There were six of us with different fitness levels and Steve and Rob managed to make the walk comfortable for all six of us. My only regret is the Sai Kung beers and ribs at the end of the walk which negated all the hard work! Looking forward to the next walk.

    Peter Stitch Hutton, Singapore

  • Went for a walk with Steve & Rob The walk took us to a mountainous region near Sai Kung There were 6 of us ably led by Steve & Rob The route took us up to about 2000ft and then along a ridge then down the other side. The walk finished in Sai Kung a wonderful eatery where they served ice cold ales and steaks! Much needed sustenance after the trek. Great memories and well worth knowing the contact if you enjoy hill walking!

    Jane B, Newcastle, UK

  • Steve and Rob did an excellent job leading our hike out in Sai Kung. They know all the paths that aren't readily advertised. They made sure our group had plenty of fluids and proper hiking shoes before we did our difficult hike. They are willing to plan the hike according to your skill. We wanted a difficult hike and that's what we got! It was great. We saw some beautiful waterfalls. Another hike we did was up a steep mountain and then ended up at the beach, so cool. The restaurant we ended up at was delicious (don't remember the name.) And they make it very clear on how to get to the hiking meeting place.

    Lee O'Neal, IN, USA

  • Very organized, well-selected, off-the-beaten path hikes. This crew knows their trails, transportation, views and eating spots!

    Jackie White Militelo