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  • Here is a short list of highly recommended Hiking and trail running stores. You can quite often seeing us in there browsing away with fascination over new gear and toys. Some stores off discount to Hong Kong Hikers so please contact me for the discount code.

  • Get the gear that's right for you!

    Road or trail, come visit us at 8B, Trust Tower, 68 Johnston Road in Wanchai, above the two Nike shops near the Pawn.

    • Knowledgeable advice from top trail and road runners
    • Unique product range including hard to find brands like Tailwind, Lupine, Ay Up, Ferei, Altra, Naked Running Band and Gipron
    • Competitive prices and Ultra membership programme
    • Hassle-free returns policy
    • 100% secure payments and fast shipping for online orders
    • 10% discount for Hong Kong Hikers
  • Leading gear experts: Our customers and staff live and breathe the outdoors – many are champions in their field. Customers and staff provide product reviews and expert advice to help you make that all-important buying decision. 

    Field tested: Through our unique footraces, the 4 Deserts Race Series, our products are constantly tested in the world’s harshest climates and terrain from the Gobi Desert of China and the Sahara in Egypt, to the Atacama of Chile and the arid bleakness of Antarctica…we only carry clothing and gear that works.

    One-stop shop: Save time and money by getting everything you need for any activity, whether it’s competing in Hiking, running an ultramarathon or climbing one of the Seven Summits.

    Hong Kong Hikers also get a discount by quoting code HL10

  • Store in Mui Wo, Lantau island and a great online store

    Visit Shop J, Sea view building, Mui Wo, Lantau island.

  • “To run a sustainable outdoor business under Win-Win situation” is the mission of PROTREK.

    PROTREK is the largest on- and offline outdoor specialty retailer in Hong Kong.  Our 11 retail stores are located in convenient spots. With friendly and helpful sales staff, our retail stores allow you to experience unsurpassed and comprehensive services. You are no worry of what you need, we have everything from head to toe amongst our thousands of products.

    Our eshop lets you get the stuff at your doorsteps. On eshop, nothing will be overlooked even some tiny and rare items. We are continually enhancing our eshop to provide you a 360 degree outdoor lifestyle.