• po toi

  •  at 9:10am - 3pm

    Location: Exchange Square Bus Terminus; stop for #70 bus

    This event is in the past.

    It's been over six months since we went to Po Toi Island, so that means a Thursday hike this week so we can get the infrequent ferry to the most south-easterly of HK's islands. It is almost an hour each way on the ferry, and there are three different hiking options which we can choose on the day, possibly splitting into sub-groups. At the end of the walk there is the option of seafood at Ming Kee restaurant (generally regarded by regulars on HKH hikes as the best of the seafood places at the end of any hike - budget about $120 plus any drinks) before the ferry ride back, which arrives at Aberdeen at 3pm. This day out is suitable for anyone, although you will get the most from it if you can walk up steps equivalent to about 65 floors of a building (with no shade from the sun).

    Contact: Paul ()
    Meeting Point: Central Exchange Square Bus Station bus stop for #70
    Meeting Time: 09:10 PROMPT to catch the first #70 departure after 9:10 to Aberdeen

    Alternative Meeting place
    : Aberdeen Ferry Pontoon, Pier for Po Toi - about 150m east of the Wholesale Fish Market
    Alternative Meeting time: 9:45AM

    : Ferry to Po Toi (Tai Wan) > Rock Carving > Sea Cliffs > various named rocks (!) > (optional climb up high >) back to Tai Wan > ferry to Aberdeen

    Garmin GPS of the longest route: http://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/302950259

    Ratings (details)
    Speed: 2.5
    Length: 1 (about 4-6km)
    Gradient (Ascent): 1-2 (about 80m or 270m depending on route)
    Surface: 1-2 (almost all on paved trails, with some optional rocky bits)
    Overall: 1.5-1.85

    The trip is constrained by the one ferry each way - leaving Aberdeen at 10am and leaving Po Toi at 2pm. The ferry journey is just under an hour each way, so we will have 3 hours on Po Toi, and will be back at Aberdeen at 3pm. The ferry costs $25 each way, cash only, not Octopus. The primary meeting point is at Central Exchange Square bus terminus, but for those for whom going direct to Aberdeen is more convenient, you can join at the ferry pontoon on Aberdeen Promenade about 150m to the east (left as you look at the harbour) of the Wholesale Fish Market.

    Use the Government eTransport Enquiry Service website to work out how to get there from where you live; use 'Po Toi' as the destination for your search.

    Please get whatever water and snacks you need BEFORE arriving at Exchange Square or the Ferry Pier.

    On arrival at Po Toi we will take the Po Toi Country Trail along the coast past the (underwhelming) ancient rock carving to the sea cliffs at Nam Kok Tsui (where we'll have a bit of a scramble on the rocks), then up to the lighthouse and past various named rocks! From here we have two choices - either back the way we came with plenty of time for seafood at Ming Kee restaurant, or climb up the 1000 steps to the pavilion overlooking the whole island and (on a clear day) far beyond. If we take the climb and have walked reasonably quickly then we should also get back to Ming Kee in plenty of time for food before the ferry. There is a third option of the "rugged trail" which fitter hikers should also be able to finish in time for a refreshment before the ferry. Since it is pretty much impossible to get lost on Po Toi we have the option also of splitting the group between these possibilities if we wish.

    For more description and pictures of Po Toi and the ferry ride see this blog entry. We will be very lucky if we get a day as stunningly clear as that one was.

    This route is almost entirely on paved paths (except the "rugged path" section which is over rocks and dirt). There is an optional steep climb about 200m on well-formed steps (about 1000 of them). Please wear suitable lightweight clothing (no denim/heavy cotton please) and strong trainers/sneakers or hiking shoes. We intend to go at a quite a quick pace given the easy path, but we will tailor it to the participants. This walk is very suitable for beginners who have a reasonable level of fitness. Please bring a backpack to carry plenty of water or sports drink - 1 litre at least. (You will need your hands free for the scramble on the rocks, so no shoulder/hand bags please.) You may also wish to bring some snacks to keep you going on the route. Bring a hat and sunblock - almost all of this route is without shade.