• Peng Chau

  • 9:50am - 1pm

    Location: Central Ferry Pier No. 6

    This event is in the past.

    Where can you find history, a ferry ride to get to, a throwback to another time with no convetional motorized vehicles in site, paved trails, and of course, excellent food at the end.. Peng Chau.  This is the easiest "hike" in our repertoire - a gentle stroll for about two hours around this small island, which sits a little way offshore from Discovery Bay. On a clear day there are excellent views, and the old streets of the main district maintain a traditional feel. This half-day out is suitable for anyone, although there is a small amount of hill climbing (totalling the equivalent of about 50 floors of a building, split over two climbs).

    Exceptionally, since this is a very easy hike on made up paths and not in any remote areas, I have no problem with people bringing guests (partners, kids, friends) on this walk. Please just let me know in advance by SMS or email if you plan to do this.

    You are also welcome to bring well-behaved dogs (who can be taken on all Peng Chau ferries, for a fee). Again, please let me know if you plan to do so.

    Contact: Steve (9723 6778)
    Meeting Point
    : Central Ferry Pier #6 for the ferry to Peng Chau
    Meeting Time: 09:50
    Trail: Ferry to Peng Chau > coastal path > northerly pavilion > Tung Wan > Finger Hill (95m) > easterly pavilion > pumping station > promenade by Yuan Ling Tsai > village centre > (optional look for some lunch) > ferry pier

    GPS trace from previously: http://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/422579030

    Ratings (Details)
    Speed: 2 (gentle stroll)
    Length: 1.2 (about 6km)
    Gradient (Ascent): 1 (about 200m)
    Surface: 1 (all on paved trails)
    Overall: 1.3

    We will catch the 10:00 ordinary ferry to Peng Chau which will arrive at about 10:45. (If anyone wishes to come by another route and meet at Peng Chau then please contact me to discuss timings.) The walk consists of a figure of eight pattern going first to the north end of the island, with views over Lantau Island, Discovery Bay and Disneyland. We will then head south passing old simple housing (and what I believe is a small pig slaughterhouse) to the east side of the main settlement, and then on up to the pavilion at the high point of the island: Finger Hill. From here there are, in principle, excellent views in all directions, although they are becoming a little obscured as reforestation takes hold.

    As we descend we can take a short side track to a third pavilion closer to the water which does still have uninterrupted views (especially after a recent hill-fire caused by careless nearby grave worshippers).

    We then complete the figure of eight by returning to the central area of the island, along the fairly newly constructed promenade. I expect that we will get back to the ferry pier area around 12:45 - 13:00.

    At this point people can choose individually whether to stroll through the small streets of the village, or to take a late lunch at one of the local eateries (there were a couple of Thai restaurants and several other small local places, although restaurants come and go on Peng Chau and I haven't been for a few months). The ferries back from Peng Chau are at 13:00 (faster/dearer), 13:45 (slower/cheaper), 14:30 (faster/dearer), 15:15 (slower/cheaper), ....

    The website of the Green Peng Chau Association has some interesting stuff about the history of the island and also some of the buildings & structures of cultural or historical value. People may wish to do their own further exploring after the hike.

    This route is entirely on paved paths. There is are one small and one slightly larger climb totalling about 150m, including quite a few steps. Please wear suitable footwear. We intend to go at gentle, but reasonable pace given the easy path. This walk is very suitable for beginners who have a reasonable level of fitness. Please bring some water. There are a couple of opportunities to restock en route. Bring a hat and sunblock - almost all of this route is without shade.