• Lantau Sunrise

  • Possibly the ultimate adventure night hike in Hong Kong. This could be one of your most memorable hikes. To witness the spell binding moment of a sunrise from Hong Kong's highest accessible peak.

    Start time will vary but usually you will meet your guide around midnight this will give us enough time to check over your equipment before boarding the ferry for the crossing to Lantau Island, be prepared for a full night out.

    Once arriving at Mui Wo we will then board a bus to take us to the start of the trail, here a final equipment check and time for any adjustments.  

    There are chances of catching sight of local wild life such as porcupines, boar or even the ever elusive barking deer. Due to the remote location, the Milky Way can still be observed along with other night sky wonders depending on the time of year.

    Onwards and steadily upwards along this fabulous country trail which provides great views of Shek Pik and its reservoir by night. The climb gets progressively steeper as we head towards Ngong Ping & the Wisdom path where we can take a rest for a few moments and explore the Wisdom structures. Time pending, we could do a quick walk by the Big Buddha and experience its surreal emptiness at night when the mass or tourists arent present. and then final push, the real hard work to the summit at 934 meters. Time for a brew, we will provide tea and coffee, we suggest you bring some snacks, are favorites amongst others are chocolate digestives thanks. Time to enjoy that magical sunrise though sadly we cannot guarantee this.

    Lantau Peak by night, this really gets that sense of adventure flowing. If adventure is what you are looking for then look no further.

    The hike will finish back in Mui Wo (via bus)  where you will catch the ferry back to Central. There are breakfast options in Mui Wo. 

    For the most experienced hikers we offer the same route but via the famous Dog Tooth ridge line. This is a more off the beaten path trail and his ONLY suitable for highly experienced and fit hikers.

  • Highlights

    • Bag that peak, hike from sea level
    • Explore the Wisdom Trail
    • Observe the night sky in its full glory
    • Listen out for night wildlife
    • Enjoy views of Lantau from above
    • Fabulous country trail
    • Gain a sense of achievement
    • Sunrise...(weather permitting)
  • Hike Overview

    • Style: Hard Night Hike
    • Difficulty: Level 4/5
    • Technical: Level 3/5
    • Elevation Gain: 1000m
    • Duration: 7 Hours
    • Distance: 11km
    • Cost: $900 HKD per person
  • Packing List

    Required items:
    - Lightweight hiking shoes or hiking boots
    - Water in bottles or bladder (min 3 litres in hot weather)
    - Headlight & spare batteries
    - Backpack
    - Suitable Clothing
    - After sunrise you will need sun protection
    - Windproof shell or Fleece
    Suggested items:
    - Personal travel/medical insurance
    - Octopus card
    - Spare clothing in dry bag
    - Hiking poles
    - Insect repellent
    - Camera
    - Snacks to keep you going
  • General Requirements

    The climb over Lantau Peak is steep in places, conditions under foot are challenging especially on the descent. A good level of fitness is required. This hike is generally available throughout the whole year. Remember be hydrated before the hike, remain hydrated during the hike. Fluids fluids fluids we can't stress this enough.

    Footwear: quality walking shoes/trainers with good grip are a must, anything less is unacceptable.

    Clothing: We highly recommend the layer system according to the season

    • Summer (Hot): May ~ October/November - Dri-fit, Climalite, Breathable materials

    • Wet Season: April ~ September - light weight waterproof breathable shell, spare socks

    • Winter (cold): November/December ~ March - Wind proof shell, fleece, hiking trousers, gloves & beanie

    We highly recommend a change of clothes carried in a dry bag. It can also get cold on Lantau peak, even in the summer so be prepared. Whilst its guaranteed that the Sun rises every morning, it can't be guaranteed that we will witness the event, this is will be due to climate conditions.

  • Important Information

    Joining any of our hikes means you have accepted & signed our terms & conditions waiver.

    Any pre-existing medical conditions should be fully appraised by a doctor and their nature fully disclosed to your insurer and to ourselves.

    Hydration: As in all hiking, keeping yourself hydrated is essential but never more so then in Hong Kong's hot season. It is routinely possibly to lose up to 1 liter of fluid per hour whilst hiking so it is important you carry enough water/electrolytes to keep hydrated for the duration of the hike.

    Public transport: Hiking in Hong Kong involves the use of the very efficient public transportation system. All our hikes start & finish at the nearest MTR station/ferry pier, any transportation costs between the nearest MTR station/ferry pier and trail start/end will be covered by Hong Kong Hikers Ltd.

    Hike start times vary, please be aware of this to ensure on-time arrival, all hikes will start promptly. Hikes will not be delayed as unfair to inconvenience others.

    If in need of any hiking supplies we do have a limited range of gear available for hire but also there are plenty of stores in Hong Kong offering a comprehensive range of supplies. Please visit out Stores page for further information.

  • Meeting Point

    Mui Wo ferry pier by the green mail box. If coming from Central there are regular fast ferries from Central pier #6 and take around 40 minutes. We advise to arrive in Mui Wo before midnight.

  • Hike Photos