• Lai Chi Wo

  • Lai Chi Wo - This hike is so amazing that it's almost too good to share!! I would like to keep this one a secret!! So today is your lucky day as we are prepared to offer this hike in our schedule. As with all things good in life you have to be prepared to work for it - this hike is no exception. This is a tough challenging hike for the experienced only although there is an easier version which will not involve any scrambling or steep descents but the overall distance is the same.

    The hike itself is challenging with scrambling involved on the climbs and challenging descents. Varying trail conditions from rocky to slippery clay and steep sections to narrow overgrown paths. Long socks in the summer and trousers in the winter are advised as legs can get cut and scratched. Maybe gloves if you have them. We don’t advise hiking poles as they just get in the way. Shoes with ankle support are advisable. So what do I get for all this hard work I hear you say? In my mind, you will experience the best uninterrupted views in Hong Kong and you will encounter great hiking terrain and fabulous sections of woodland and bamboo. Stroll quietly through Lai Chi Wo village dating back over one hundred years and learn about their Feng Shui beliefs and the forest wall that is grown to retain wealth and protect against bad luck.

    Allow travel time as access is remote: 1.5 hours either way from Central.

  • Highlights

    • Challenging hike
    • Uninterrupted views
    • Lai Chi Wo village
    • Feng Shui forest wall
    • Hakka villages
    • Views into China
    • Fabulous hiking trails
  • Hike Overview

    • Style: Moderate Day Hike
    • Difficulty: Level 3.5/5 (2/5 easy route)
    • Technical: Level 4/5 (2/5 easy route)
    • Elevation Gain: 730m (550m easy route)
    • Duration: 6.5 Hours
    • Distance: 9.3mi/15km
    • Cost: $800 HKD per person
  • Packing List

    Required items:
    - Lightweight hiking shoes or hiking boots
    - Water in bottles or bladder (min 3 litres in hot weather)
    - Sunhat & Sunscreen
    - Backpack
    - Suitable Clothing
    - Trousers (winter) Long socks (summer)
           Suggested items:
    - Personal travel/medical insurance
    - Octopus card
    - Spare clothing in dry bag
    - Eye protection & gloves
    - Insect repellent
    - Camera
    - Snacks to keep you going
  • General Requirements

    This is a tough difficult hike for experienced fit hikers only, the climbs are steep and descents slippery. Remember be hydrated before the hike, remain hydrated during the hike. Fluids fluids fluids we can't stress this enough.

    Footwear: quality walking shoes/trainers with good grip are a must, anything less is unacceptable.

    Clothing: We highly recommend the layer system according to the season

    • Summer (Hot): May ~ October/November - Dri-fit, Climalite, Breathable materials

    • Wet Season: April ~ September - light weight waterproof breathable shell, spare socks

    • Winter (cold): November/December ~ March - Wind proof shell, fleece, hiking trousers, gloves & beanie

    We highly recommend a change of clothes carried in a dry bag.

  • Important Information

    Joining any of our hikes means you have accepted & signed our terms & conditions waiver.

    Any pre-existing medical conditions should be fully appraised by a doctor and their nature fully disclosed to your insurer and to ourselves.

    Hydration: As in all hiking, keeping yourself hydrated is essential but never more so than in Hong Kong's hot season. It is routinely possible to lose up to 1 litre of fluid per hour whilst hiking so it is important you carry enough water/electrolytes to keep hydrated for the duration of the hike.

    Public transport: Hiking in Hong Kong involves the use of the very efficient public transportation system. All our hikes start & finish at the nearest MTR station.  Any transportation costs between the nearest MTR station and trail start/end will be covered by Hong Kong Hikers Ltd.

    Hike start times vary, please be aware of this to ensure on-time arrival, all hikes will start promptly.  Hikes will not be delayed as unfair to inconvenience others.

  • Meeting Point

    Tai Po Market MTR - Exit A outside Starbucks.  On the East rail line. (light blue line)

  • Hike Photos