• Ferei HL50

  • I purchased the Ferei HL50 a couple of months ago from gone running but only recently got to use it a couple of times to test it out. I have used it for climbing West Dogs Tooth ridge as well as up and down on the Shek Pik country trail. Total time used was just over 6 hours. The other time I used was during the recent typhoon/tropical storm. wanted to see how it weathered in heavy rain. total time 45 minutes. My first outing was up Lantau peak the hard way overnight. At first when putting this beast on it does feel heavy at the back of my head due to the large battery pack. This is noticeable for the first few minutes but once you start moving you forget about it. Even when running and jumping over roots and rocks, I still didn’t notice any real bounce at the back of my head. The settings are easy to understand and it does whack on the 1800 lumens at first touch which is very powerful but not really necessary at that point. A second tap on the button brings it down to a more manageable setting which is still very bright. The trail is lit up extremely well and can see all obstacles just as if it was daylight. When climbing the ridge which does need some work with your hands, this was really coming into its own. I had a good friend behind me that was slightly worried of heights so with this torch, I could show her and explain where to put her hands and which crack in the rock to put her feet. Was also useful at full beam to show and illuminate the next hill and explain the trail in detail that was going up. The only thing I would say is missing is the red light function which I find useful when taking rests and to have a bit of light but not dazzle people when talking to them. The following few days later I got to test it during a tropical storm which hit us directly as we live in the east of the territory of Hong Kong. Again the Free was great and even better for lighting up the trees as I video them being blown by the storm force gales. A great product yet I still haven’t charged the batteries up yet since my first 2 outings.

    This product can be purchased from Gone Running where I got it from.