• How do I pay?

      We accept credit card payment via Paypal or bank transfer to HSBC or Citi Bank. In certain cases cash is accepted on the day.

    • Where does my trip begin?

      Hikes will start from the stated meeting point, which will be an MTR Station, Bus Station or Ferry Terminal

    • What is your cancellation policy?

      Hong Kong Hikers Ltd reserves the right to cancel trips. If this is the case a full refund of the amount paid will be given, including the deposit. The exception is with Corporate Hikes where some advance payments are non refundable. Hong Kong Hikers Ltd is not responsible for additional expenses incurred by preparing for the trip (for example: non-refundable advance purchases such as, clothing, equipment, food, transportation, etc)

      If you cancel a bespoke hike or corporate event for any reason

      • Between 29 and 15 days prior to the trip start date, we will retain 50 percent of the trip cost.
      • Less than 15 days prior to the trip start date, there will be no refund.

      Day Hike Cancellation Policy: 50% refund with 48 hours notice; no refund within 48 hours

    • What will the weather be like?

      The latest weather forcasts come from the Hong Kong Observatory

    • What equipment/clothing will I need?
      Footwear: quality walking shoes/trainers with good grip are a must, anything less is unacceptable.
      Clothing: We highly recommend the layer system according to the season
      • Summer (Hot): May ~ October/November - Dri-fit, Climalite, Breathable materials
      • Wet Season: April ~ September - light weight waterproof breathable shell, spare socks
      • Winter (cold): November/December ~ March - Wind proof shell, fleece, hiking trousers, gloves & beanie
      Please note that Hong Kong gets very hot & humid for almost 8 months of the year and light clothing is very important. Materials such as denim etc is highly discouraged.
      We highly recommend a change of clothes carried in a dry bag.
      Each hike has a different equipment requirement list please refer to hike description for details.
    • I have no hiking experience?

      We are a Hiking company so our trips are primarily designed for people with hiking experience. Hiking in Hong Kong is always going to involve ascents so for this reason alone a reasonable degree of fitness is required coupled with hiking experience. Please tell us if you have no experience as there are early out options on some walks and we aim to accommodate everyone's needs where possible.

    • Why so much water?

      Due to Hong Kong sitting in the tropics, it gets very hot and humid for the majority of the year. When humidity is high (which is 90% of the time), 30 degrees will feel more like 40. Whilst hiking in these extreme temperatures, your body can lose up to 1 litre per hour of fluids hence carrying enough water to keep you hydrated is of the utmost importance. We will inform you the minimum amount you should bring when you make your booking.

    • Do you provide transportation?

      Hikers are required to pay their own travel costs to the meeting points, from there on Hong Kong Hikers will cover travel costs to the finishing point. The one exception to this is ferry costs to outlying islands such as Lantau.

    • Do you have an age limit?

      Yes we have a minimum age of 18 for day and night hikes, the exception to this is Bespoke hikes where we actively encourage familys to participate.

    • What first-aid and safety precautions do you take?

      We place a high emphasis on safety and first aid, things that could affect your hiking such as climatic conditions are monitored all the time. All hike leaders have up to date first aid qualifications and we have in place an Emergency Action Plan.