• Corporate Days

  • Do you feel the time is right to get the team out of the workplace? We can help. Previous team building experiences have proved very successful. Hong Kong Hikers are confident that we will provide a challenging adventure for your team that promotes well-being, achievement and character building. We have the ideas the plans and can work on all arrangements to ensure a memorable day. Our adventure consultants will optimise the event to your requirements. To get your teams feet moving please contact Hong Kong Hikers to discuss your requirements, this will enable us to put together a no obligation itinerary outlining what can be achieved in a day’s team building encompassing the beautiful outdoors of Hong Kong.

  • Hiking the trails of Hong Kong make an ideal environment for corporate team building in a relaxed setting. Spending time outdoors in nature is the ultimate way to escape the pressures of the office environment. What you choose to focus on is up to you:

    • Organise team building activities, whether hiking related, or not
    • Set aside uninterrupted time to focus on strategic planning and work-related issues
    • Take time out to get to know peers and colleagues better
    • Use it as a means to reward staff, or even clients, who enjoy this kind of activity

    Hiking trails range from easy and short, to more strenuous and challenging these can be customised to ensure all participants get the most from the day. The day will be designed around focusing on your preferred activities to suite your team.

    The type of activities that you wish to undertake can be structured to suite specific outcomes and the itineraries arranged to aid these goals. You may wish to bring in your own facilitator; alternatively, Hong Kong Hikers has strong associations with team-building professionals.

    Whatever your needs such as logistical support or catering options can be provided to ensure that everything is in place.

    We are now able to assist in recce tours for upcoming events such as Barclays Moontrekker which we have participated before in the past.



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