• Bespoke Hikes

  • Hong Kong and hiking!!! Before my first visit I wouldn’t of used those two words in the same sentence. Hong Kong is actually a mecca for hiking with a vast array of trails to explore, fabulous beaches to enjoy and just fabulous scenery. This is all very accessible by the use of the fabulous MTR system.

    We encourage visitors to get out and enjoy these fabulous trails and the stunning scenery, you will not be disappointed. With our Bespoke Hiking Tours we are able to offer private groups that extra something special. Customising YOUR day to all YOUR requirements makes for very happy hikers.

    How does this work? Our nine day hikes and three night hikes are available to read over as a guide. There are more examples of locations and ideas that could be combined into your hike outlined below. These will give you more insight into what Hong Kong has to offer away from the skyscrapers and shopping malls. We then ask you to fill out the Bespoke Hike form providing us with all the information on your group requests; maybe your group has a mix of ability? Do you need two Hike Leaders to give a hard and easier option? One of our favourites is to charter a speed boat from remote beaches at the end of your days hiking. Please just ask…

    Now it’s our turn to work on your requests and plan the tour itinerary. You will receive a no obligation schedule outlining our ideas and basic costs. These can be further refined with your input before we finalise the tour itinerary and provide you with an all-inclusive quote. 

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  • By clicking the send button above in the hike request form you accept our terms and conditions. Upon booking you will provide a signed waiver to Hong Kong Hikers Ltd