• About me

  • My name is Steve and I started Hong Kong Hikers Limited in 2016 due to demand for leading hikes along Hong Kongs many and diverse hiking trails. I was originally from the UK and brought up in the hills of Snowdonia national park, North Wales. I have lived in many places in the world with a good 20 years in Turkey but for the last 6 years Hong Kong has been my home.

    I started hiking 4 years ago after realising how unfit I was and since then I have pushed myself to the limit to see how much further I can go and how much faster. In the last 2 years I have competed in a few races with my first one being Moontrekker. Since then I have competed in many trail races both in Hong Kong and the UK which include Moontrekker 30 & 43km, TransLantau 50, King of the Hills marathon, Kielder winter 10m, Oxfam trailwalker 100km, Lantau 70km, Rebel Walker 100km,  Ghurka Trailblazer, 9 Dragons 50km with more coming up in 2018. I have also qualified and been selected for UTMB OCC event for 2018. Even so, I am not a fast runner but just love the taking part and knowing how far I have come and how nearly anyone can get to this level. In 2017 I completed a solo attempt at the 3 peaks in the UK although done over 3 days as I was driving.

    Still I prefer to hike whenever I can and keep my trail running apart (unless requested). I also enjoy walking my dog, kayaking, photography and ferris wheels.