• Hiking Hong Kong

  • Hiking in Hong Kong is a truly fabulous experience with a diverse array of trails, climbs, views, fauna, wildlife and history - this is an opportunity not to be missed. We invite you to join us enjoying the backyard that we get to hike in year round, you will not be disappointed. We use the fabulous MTR system to gain access to most hike areas, sometimes followed by the use of taxi or bus to get out of city areas. Hikes will end at the nearest MTR or in the case of island hikes at the ferry port. Hong Kong Hikers will pay all travel costs from the meeting point except ferry travel through to the finishing point. We highly recommend using the Octopus card for payment of travel whilst in Hong Kong.

    Climatic conditions at certain times of year will cause disruption to hikes. When applicable, the Hong Kong Observatory issue weather warnings for typhoons, heavy rains and landslips. We have a strict safety policy and will cancel hikes for Typhoon signal T3 and above and red rainstorm warnings and above. We have a full refund policy in place should this happen. The exception being for corporate days as some expenses are not refundable to us such as food that might be pre-ordered for the day.

    Equipment requirements are basic but we do insist on quality shoes and a hydration system either bladder or bottles that can accommodate up to 3 litres for the tougher hikes on hot days. Other basics such as sunhat and sunscreen are highly recommended. Each hike description has its own recommended list as not all requirements are the same.

    Hydration: As in all hiking, keeping yourself hydrated is essential but never more so than in Hong Kong's hot season. It is routinely possible to lose up to 1 litre of fluid per hour whilst hiking so it is important you carry enough water/electrolytes to keep hydrated for the duration of the hike.